Barford St Peter's C.E.(V.A) Primary School
Foundations for life


School Staff: Teaching and Non-Teaching


  • Mrs A Delaney


  • Mrs M Garner
    Full-time teacher in Reception and Acting Assistant Headteacher
    • Mrs L Partridge/ Mrs Hurlock 
      Year 1 Teacher
    • Mrs N Smith /  Mrs D Carson
      Year 2 Teachers 
    • Mr T Seward
      Years 3 Teacher 
    • Mrs A Gallagher / Mrs R Swan-McAdams
      Years 4 / 5 Teachers 
    • Mrs R Stock
      Year 5/ 6 Teacher 

      Mrs W Steward
      Inclusion Manager
    • Mrs M Gardener
      Teaching Assistant 
    • Mrs L Wardle
      Teaching Assistant 

      Mrs J Faccino
      Teaching Assistant

      Mr C Gallagher
      Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor and Sports Coach

      Mrs J Farrow
      Teaching Assistant

      Mrs J Matthews
      Teaching Assistant
    • Mrs D Burton
      Teaching Assistant

      Mrs T Moore
      Teaching Assistant class 2 and Senior Midday Supervisor

      Mrs A Wilson
      Early Years Worker

      Miss J Dubrava
      Early Years Worker

      Mrs A Mitchell
      Midday Supervisor

      Miss S Hunt
      Midday Supervisor

      Mrs J Matthew
      Part-time Teaching Assistant 
    • Mrs J Harris
      Senior Office Administrator
    • Mrs C Logie
      Administrative Assistant 
    • Mrs K Fox
      Senior Financial Administrator

      Mr S Bateman