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Online resources FREE for you in school or at home




Barford St Peter’s C of E Primary School COVID 19 EMOTIONAL WELLBEING PACK


Flipsnack - Whats Going On - Explaining Covid-19 to younger children


Information from RISE Mental Health in Schools Team


telephone access for parents/carers to Educational Psychology Service


Compass School Health Weekly Newsletter



Deepening Understanding (All Subjects)


White Rose Maths

Home Learning | White Rose Maths | Maths Lessons Online

Help your child with their studies with home learning. White Rose Maths has prepared a series of Maths lessons online for each year group from Year 1 to 8.


The Third Space Maths Hub

Supporting schools and pupils with maths teaching and learning remains our priority during these uncertain times. We want to ensure the support we provide continues whether it’s delivered in school or at home.

Our tutors are still delivering online 1-to-1 lessons and, if needed, any pupil signed up to the intervention with access to a laptop or computer can log in to our online classroom from home for their weekly online 1-to-1 maths lesson. 

The Third Space Maths Hub continues to offer hundreds of free maths resources for all staff at your school. If you haven’t already, you can register for a free account here to access all free resources, guides and CPD videos.

To make accessing our resources even easier, we have collated a list of resources most appropriate for home-learning. You can view the full list here.

We will be adding additional resources and resource packs over the coming days and weeks designed specifically to ensure teachers are able to continue supporting their pupils in the event of school closures.

We’re currently working on ways to ensure we are providing the support needed for everyone involved in home-learning should schools close. We will be keeping schools updated with our developments in this area.



 free activities to help children practise their maths skills


The activities cover the four operations, are easy to understand and can be completed independently or with family members.

Links to these resources are:

Addition & Subtraction:

Multiplication & Division:

You can find all our free resources at:

All our maths activities are designed to provide a fun and engaging way for children to practise their maths skills whilst deepening their understanding of numbers.





Stratford Literacy Festival.  Stories read by their brilliant authors or draw along with some best-selling illustrators.


Dave the Dog - Coronavirus - A Nurse Dotty Book

Picture News 
for weekly packs 

The weekly e-packs look at a different news story each week.

The packs include; an engaging poster with a ‘big question’, learning ideas and activities to complete.


Pobble - Story Writing


How to NOT go to School - Parsley Mimblewood saves the world!



Premier League Primary Stars





Parents' Guide - Road to Emmaus 

Video  ...

Parents Guide



Elijah and the Followers of Baal & Parents’ Guide

Video  ...

Parents Guide



Daniel and the Lions’ Den & Parents’ Guide

Video  ...

Parents Guide





Joe Wickes Daily Workout



Noah Hargreaves’ Dad is a Military fitness instructor and is part of the training team for Stratford Rugby Club under 8s.
He has produced some childrens fitness videos on YouTube that he’s has been sharing with the club and our friends.




Visual Arts

Sharing Visual Arts Inspiration - For Free Support 


Draw your Granny and Grandpa or Any Relative You Love!




Out Of The Art - Free Music Resources  


Warwickshire Music Weekly Newsletter


Warwickshire Music Hub - Upbeat Video .




Junk Samba Band Upbeat

This session invites pupils to make a junk percussion instrument and perform in a samba band.  They will be provided with all the instructions and tuition they need to participate and should be encouraged to re-visit the video to practise and perfect their performance.

 1. ‘First you make your fingers click’

A body percussion and vocal warm-up.  Pupils are challenged to co-ordinate four body percussion sounds in time with the song which also becomes a round.

2. ‘Making and Creating’

Pupils are introduced to five different samba band instruments and shown how to make a junk percussion version of the same instruments at home.  The rhythmic pattern for each instrument is taught using the ‘SAP-it!’ system where pupils ‘Say it’ then ‘Airplay it’ then ‘Perform it’.

 3.‘Be in a Band’

Having learnt the INTRO, OUTRO and GROOVE patterns, pupils are invited to use their instrument to perform ‘Samba Reggae’.  A play-along video showing all five instruments, plus leader, and players will provide visual and aural leads for children to follow.  If pupils are encouraged to practise their parts then it is hoped there may be scope for a live performance some time in the future!




Upbeat Music to participate in

Upbeat video – parent guidance notes

In the video I explore the musical elements of rhythm, volume (or dynamics) and tempo (speed). I also touch briefly on pitch (how high or low a note is).

The programme of events is:

-          ‘Coffee Pots’: voice/enunciation warm-up

-          A brief full-body warm-up!

-          ‘Lickety Split’: vocal warm-up incorporating changes of volume, tempo and pitch

-          A brief discussion of rhythm, leading into the song ‘I’ve Got Rhythm’

-          Body percussion based on pizza toppings, and some thoughts about pulse/beat and how this underpins rhythm

-          Body percussion along with the backing track for ‘I’ve Got Rhythm’ – and a final sing-through of the song to round things off

Upbeat Music Video by Kieron Howe,

Link to - Parental Guide to Upbeat Video 

Video Link -


This week's video has been created by: Coreena O'Hagan


Guide to UpBeat Video 11

Hi, I'm Coreena from Warwickshire Music. Join in keeping the beat with me as we practise our body percussion and listening skills. 

  1. Warm up and explore your voice with our funky warm up activities.
  2. Test your rhythm knowledge by matching the food to the correct rhythms
  3. learn to sing 'Tingalayo' adding all of the fun actions.

Have fun!

Video Link -





History of Activities provided by Warwick Castle




Launch of BBC Bitesize

The BBC has today launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents.
BBC Bitesize can be accessed here:


Classroom Secrets 

Classroom Secrets - Top level link


Google Classroom Login - KS2 Only - Select for guide to login.


Twinkl - Use Code UKTWINKLHELPS for a 1 month free scudbscription.


75th Anniversary of V.E.Day -





Government Suggestions for Parents


MFL ( Modern Foreign Languages)


LCF Clubs

With the impact of the coronavirus creating uncertainty, will staff be in? will children need home support? LCF is making available its online resources for Primary FREE for the next 3 months.

Simply use the master promo code LCF2020sch to create a single user login at Babelzone (French/Spanish) Englishzone (games/Phonics) or MathsZone for any pupil or teacher.

Links to all these sites are on our homepage

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