Barford St Peter's C.E.(V.A) Primary School
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Year 3

Home Working

As a school who receives Upbeat tuition, we are delighted to attach the first video in our series of Upbeat resources for distribution to your pupils.

The first of these videos has been done by Kieron Howe, our Singing strategy lead, to distribute to pupils to keep them engaged in music-making at home. Our team of Upbeat teachers will be creating a video each week for the rest of this term. 

Upbeat video 1

This is a really important time to keep our children engaged in the Arts and this is one way we can keep them actively making music. 


The second Upbeat Video and video description in the weekly series to distribute to your Upbeat classes.

Upbeat Video 2

The video has been created by Claire Honey, Strategy Lead and instrumental specialist.This session uses games, body percussion, singing and movement to explore rhythm, pulse and phrase.