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In September 2014 a New National Curriculum was introduced to all Primary and Secondary schools (excluding academies). The new-look curriculum puts a stronger emphasis on skills such as "essay writing, problem-solving, mathematical modelling and computer programming".

The new curriculum essentially defines what is taught and what is assessed annually or bi-annually. It has less content than previously but has been designed to provide the pupils with more depth.

At Barford St Peter’s we teach the curriculum through topics and these can be seen below by looking at the News Letters from the class teachers.  By sharing this information we believe it provides parents/carers with the opportunity to support work at home.

 What the children at Barford think about our curriculum.

 “Having a topic book makes it easier to reflect upon what we have learnt”.

It inspired me to continue to research at home and involve my parents”.

“We were able to study the topic and use a variety of genres to record our work. For example, poems, stories, facts, newspaper reports from a particular point of view”.

“I like topic work because it allows us to be creative through subjects like art and sketching”.

To look at the New National curriculum please click the link below.

The New National Curriculum - Programmes of Study for the New National Curriculum


Curriculum Overview


Click here to see a short video for parents of children in Y2 to give them an overview of the National Curriculum Key stage 1 tests 


Click here to see a short video for parents of children in Y6 to give them an overview of the National Curriculum Key stage 2 tests 


Click here to see a short video changes to 2016 tests and assessments.


Pre-School Curriculum letter


Latest Reception Curriculum Letter

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Early Reading Skills click here 


Year 1

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Cursive-Letter-Formation-Handwriting-Sheet-with-Rhymes-No-Loops Guide


Reading and Phonics 2020


Year 2 

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Year 3

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Year 4

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Year 5

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Year 6

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