Barford St Peter's C.E.(V.A) Primary School
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Food and Drink

School offers healthy, nutritious lunches freshly prepared on the premises. They offer excellent quality and value and more than 70% of children enjoy them each day.


We have new menus which are accessible on The menus we use are Primary, All Choices with Deli-bag, Week 1, 2 and 3.

Payment (currently £2.30 per meal) should be made via ParentPay. Please ensure your child's dinner money account on ParentPay is kept in credit at all times.

Free School Meals

For information on free school meals; telephone 01926 742060.

From September 2014, all Reception and KS1 children will receive a Free School Meal. However, if you are already eligible for free school meals please continue to apply as usual by letting the school know. It is your entitlement and the school receives money to support your child. 

Latest Letter to Parents/Guardians 

If you are unsure if you are eligible or not, why not try the number below and the team will advise you.

Want more information?

The Free School Meals Eligibility Team can be contacted on 01926 742543 for any questions regarding eligibility.
For general information on the Pupil Premium schools should refer to the Department for Education website at the link below:

Pupil Premium - Department for Education


Packed Lunches

If preferred, children can bring a healthy, packed lunch from home in a clearly named lunchbox. Please bear in mind that drinks should be in an unbreakable container with a straw where necessary. No fizzy drinks or glass bottles, please. Water is encouraged rather than sugary drinks. A cool pack is recommended inside the lunchbox in hot weather.

Snack Time

Children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 all receive fruit or vegetables at playtime as part of the National Fruit Scheme. This has proved very popular and has expanded the range of fruit/veg the pupils will eat! Children in Years 3, 4, 5& 6 may bring a piece of fruit from home to eat at playtime. If you would like your child to have fresh milk each day, please contact CoolMilk at

All children are required to bring a named water bottle to school each day. We have four fountains at which bottles can be refilled.