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Emergency Weather Procedure

10th Dec 2017

Emergency Weather Procedure
As we move into winter, please take note of the following procedures in the event that school has to close due to severe weather. In the event of closure we will contact Warwickshire County Council in the first instance. Please sign up to the Council notification system to receive a text message notifying of closure ( We will put information regarding the closure on the school website. Text messages will be sent to all Priority (No 1) contacts notifying of closure. It may be that school opens as usual in the morning, but then a decision is taken to close in extreme situations; you will be notified as soon as possible by text. Rest assured that all children will be cared for in school until parents/carers can either get to school or make arrangements for children to be collected. It is essential that telephone numbers are kept up to date so that contact can be made in the event of such emergency closures, please remember to inform the office of any changes